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6 Steps To Get Better Business Results in 2019

As we get into the swing of 2019 the new year can bring new optimism. People make new resolutions, attempt to shed the Christmas excess and deliver better results for their business.

1. Have a plan

Without a plan or road map for where you want to get to you’re likely to get lost along the way. Some people write down everything they want to achieve by the year and then work backwards with clear tactics how to achieve these goals.

2. Free up time

Another approach is to break down your plan into smaller chunks. An example would be to set quarterly or monthly objectives which feed the overall goal.

if you want to see better results for your business in 2019 you will need to spend more time on your business rather than working in your business. Business owners regularly struggle to set aside time to make necessary improvements. Firefighting occurs and all energy is spent managing clients, staff and fulfilling orders.

Free up time for key staff to innovate and implement positive change. This time invested wisely can bring outstanding results. This can also empower staff and help you gain the edge on your competitors.

3. Know your numbers

With the impending reform of the tax system and HMRC’s Making Tax Digital For VAT dropping in April. Now is a great time for businesses to take greater control of their finances.

If you are serious about achieving better results, fingers crossed will not cut it when it comes to your finances and projects. Tools such as Receipt Bank, Xero and Futrli make it easier than ever for businesses to take command of their finances. These tools make bookkeeping easy. Also, provide key financial insights to highlight opportunities for improved performance.

Better Results

4. Move toxic people on

You may have clients that drain your time, energy and resource. You may also have staff that aren’t a good fit for your business and holding you back. These individuals may have been with you for a long time. It may be challenging to move these people on. Being professional, making sure you have all your legal basis covered and helping these individuals move on in their carreers.

5. What gets measured gets done

It is important to track your progress. This will help you understand if you are moving towards your goal. Measuring progress will also highlight any areas of weakness that may need attention. Getting dates in the diary with specific targets to report on will help focus efforts. Therefore leading to better results.

6. Be accountable

Individuals should be accountable for delivering on their tasks and objectives. It should be made clear that they are expected to deliver within the agreed timescales. Support should be given where needed. This means communication channels within the business must be strong. Staff can feel comfortable with approaching senior management and owners with any queries or issues they may have.

How we help

When we take you on as a new client we will sit down as part of your on-boarding and look at your business and personal life in detail. We will look at where you are and where you want to get to. Most importantly we will start to put together your ‘Success Roadmap’ whcih will be your guide to get you where you really want to be. Our objective is to see our client’s achieve their personal life goals through business.

We offer a free consultation, so come and have a tea, coffee or we could even go for something stronger and get to know each other better.

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