Communication Is The Key to Your Success

As the winter looms and we draw closer to the end of 2018. Now feels like the perfect time to look back and reflect on what we have experienced so far this year. As business owners, we engage with new customers, clients, partners and suppliers throughout the year. We expand our network and when we invest in a product or service. We expect that a great experience as standard.

Our vision

One of the main drivers for starting Accounting Inc. was so I could deliver an even better service to my clients. To do this I needed to start from scratch. To build something remarkable from the ground up. Not burdened by the existing environment I was operating in. I needed a fresh start, which had no boundaries, just my vision.

This means I could go after my ideal prospects. Use the right tech, and put the systems in place to scale the business. Getting these three things right would allow me to deliver not just a great client experience, but a world-class client experience.

Managing expectations

I’ve recently been wrestling with two large organisations. One, a large well-known high street bank. Another, a large international organisation. I’ve been with this bank all my life. Well since I was of age to open an account. When I started my companies I opened my business accounts with them. It made sense. I cannot complain about the personal banking side of things. The business side, however, now that’s a different story. I opened an account for each of my companies. Each with different results. The first business was seamless. Great! The second was a nightmare! A complete 180! When I opened the first account, everything came through straight away and worked as expected. Job done. With the second account, days turned into weeks and I had not received my card through the post, no pin, no online banking.

This led to several calls between me and the bank. Attempting to connect with the right person. I was going round in circles, getting no-where. Three times I was told I would get a callback, but no call came. This eventually led me to making a complaint. Soon after, my card arrived and I could access my account online.

The other international organisation I mention was a similar story. I was going round in circles attempting to get a hold of the right person to provide me with the information I required. Again promise of phone calls which never came. This is incredibly frustrating.

The winning formula

Because I had received a seamless service when opening my first account, my mind was fixed. My brain had a developed a default setting regarding the level of service I expected to receive. When I got the opposite. This built up frustration, as the service delivered did not match my blueprint.

As consumers, we want to know where we stand. We want the ability to quickly contact someone who can give us the information we need and fix our problems. The last thing we want is to be left in limbo.

All strong, successful relationships are built upon solid communication. This includes the environment for delivering that conversation. At Accounting Inc. one of our core values in Communication. With us, you will know where you stand. You will be able to contact us within a few clicks. And if you can’t get us straight away, we will get back to you within minutes. Not hours, days or even weeks. We will make it our business to ensure you are completely satisfied with the comms you receive from us.

If you would like to know more how we can improve your business feel free to Contact Us for a free informal consultation

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