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"We see our clients as invited guests to our party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make every aspect of your client experience a little better every day."

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We are what we call hands-on entrepreneurial accountants

We are not just your average accountants. We aren’t just about your numbers, accounts and tax (although trust us, we do those exceptionally well). Our job is to understand your business and the industry you operate in. It’s to know where you want to take your business. And it’s to give you the tools, the advice, and the occasional prompting, to make sure you get there. Without Yelling of course. When we take you on as a client you will have our complete attention. You will never be ‘just another set of accounts or tax return’. We will get involved in your business to a detail that you will probably not expect. And when we understand it, then we can really add value. This could be through:

  • Giving you great information
  • Helping you make smarter decisions
  • Minimising your tax
  • Optimising your profit
  • Improving your cash flow
  • Giving you peace of mind
  • Or just being there to answer your questions

Far from your typical

tax accountants

Meet Mike

Are you a small business owner who has far too many hats? Or too much on your plate? At Accounting Inc. we are here to give you the world-class support and proactive advice you need to grow a thriving business. We want you to love your job, never feel overwhelmed ensure you are constantly moving forward towards your goals.

If you are like Mike please get in touch, our programmes are designed to give you a road map to success.

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What you'll get from us

At Accounting Inc. we want to make accounting sexy and simple. With us, you’ll have fast, accurate accounts and timely reports that show a clear picture of your business’s performance. Detail is important. Because if you don’t have those details then you can’t plan. And if you can’t plan then you don’t know where your business is going. It’s good to know where your business is going, we find.

As you’ve probably gathered by now we place a high value on having the best information available to inform your decisions. And the best information available is up-to-the-minute, even up-to-the-second. So we use Xero and it’s connected apps, and recommend that you do too.

From our many years in practice, we believe that the best advisor-client relationships are built upon trust and excellent communication. We will never bull$*it you! We will provide you with a world-class customer experience, which is tailored to you, and how your business operates.

At Accounting Inc. we feel our solution is the way accounting should be. We are all about the success of our clients through our club type culture that embodies ‘the modern accounting practice’. Our firm is at the forefront of technology and we always strive to be a part of our client’s success. It’s our passion. Friend first, client second is the attitude we commit to. Which is why people choose Accounting Inc. and will stay with us.

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A note from our owner

“After 15 years in the accounting world working for a number of the regions best practices, I felt the time was right to build something remarkable.” Bound by the values I believe in. “At Accounting Inc. we aim to deliver a world-class experience for our client’s and people.” We do this by providing a fully digital solution with access to the best tech, complete transparency on the numbers, proactive advice and, We Deliver Results!”

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