How to start a business

A series of tips to start and grow a successful business

By Neil Graham

Starting a business is a game of chess. This free book will help you plan every move and win!

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Starting a business
Starting a business
Love to read on your travels?

There is no better companion to your commute than my book! Go grab it now. Get my top secret business advice free inside.

  • A swiss army knife for starting a business
  • Straight to the point and easy reading
  • Tips, hints and first steps
  • Jargon free and with no B$
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A message from the author

Hello everyone and welcome to our page. My name is Neil Graham Managing Director of Accounitng Inc.

This short book aims to represent my values and help you on your way to growing a great business. The content is precise free of jargon and bull$hit. It will give you some key pointers if you are considering starting a business, or are already in the startup phase.

This book is the first in a series of short guides to help you kick-arse in business.

Happy reading

It was such a pleasure to read, sometimes you can get lost in detail. This book gave me confidence to start my business.
Chris Palmer
Web Designer
Business Plan Template

Grab your free business plan template

Every business needs a plan, especially when starting out. Grab this free resource and create the foundations for a great business.

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