What Do Accountants and Hairdressers Have In Common?

On a technical level, not a great deal. One works with numbers and the other with scissors. However, both provide a service to their clients. And both aim to provide a first-class experience to achieve repeat business and customer loyalty.

How long have you been with your hairdresser?

Most people don’t tend to jump around hairdressers. They normally find someone who can give them a good quality cut which is value for money. We also want a good experience. This is where customer service comes into play. Clients want a great service and to feel valued.  We want all the admin taken care of, this includes managing our appointment and keeping our details up to date in a secure database. When we get to our appointment we want to feel comfortable and seen on time. After all, we made the effort to get there on time, we expect the same in return. A smile, the offer of a tea or coffee can go a long way.

Most of us also want to engage with our hairdresser and form a good relationship. The last thing we want is to be feeling uncomfortable with an awkward silence. Engaging with us is just as important as cutting our hair.


Is your relationship with your accountant any different?

The same expectations should be there between you and your accountant. Some business owners still dread meeting their accountant. In this situation, the business owner and accountant normally meet once a year, several months after the businesses year-end. They discuss the outdated numbers and tax liabilities which are nearly due for payment. The business owner goes away thinking about how to pull together the cash to pay their tax. And is soon back head down in the business. The accountant goes back to their daily routine and does not think about the client again for some time.

In this situation, the client does not feel valued. And in all likelihood, the accountant does not value their business. The key difference between the client meeting their accountant and hairdresser is their relationship. The business owner meets their hairdresser regularly and has a professional relationship. The hairdresser knows what the client wants and their expectations. The hairdresser also wants their client’s brief visit to be an enjoyable experience.

Consistency is key

If our hairdresser consistently meets our expectations they will achieve our loyalty. If on the other hand, we are receiving an inconsistent service, we are more likely to seek alternative options. The same can be said of your relationship with your accountant. At Accounting Inc. one of our core values is Consistency. Our aim is to provide you with a world-class service which is consistent. From day 1 to the day you leave us. With Accounting Inc. you’ll know where you stand at all times, with no surprises. We will work together to deliver a bespoke, tailored solution which suits you and your businesses. Our processes make switching accountants incredibly easy. We only require a few details from you.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business please Contact Us for a free informal consultation.

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